New Evangelization Using Articles at Mass

Even very young children are called to know God. So when we teach a child what happens at and what articles are used during Mass, when we teach the importance of those items as well as the importance of Mass increases for them, we are evangelizing that child. And by default, the parent learns also. Catholics have been called to evangelize people around the world – to bring them to Christ through the Church and especially through the Eucharist. As we all know, it’s not an easy job. Many people have taken up relativism, secularism, or both. Pope St. John Paul II coined the phrase “New Evangelization” in 1983, and the church has promoted it ever since. So why not join the movement. Begin with your own family and promote a new evangelization in your own children or children you know. A great reference for any young child.

Articles at Mass: a book for the very young Catholic – board book

Articles at Mass: hard binding



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