Bring a Child to God through Learning

All children love to learn, and their potential is amazing. A parent can present any information in a  joyful, factual, and straightforward way, and his or her baby can learn it, including languages (even several at the same time), mathematics, readingswimming baby, gymnastics, music, art, swimming and much more. Amazingly, the younger a child is, the easier it is for him or her to learn. As the Institutes for Achievement for Human Potential website tells us, “A baby’s natural, inborn human potential is enormous.”

Culture tries to convince us that babies don’t need much, and anyone can provide food, rocking, and warmth for an infant. We might be coerced into believing two false assumptions that keep us from promoting our child’s genius:

  1. A baby’s primary needs are emotional and physiological.
  2. Baby’s development happens in response to some genetically preset trigger, regardless of conditions.

In truth, every baby needs much more, and they develop in response to input and experiences.

Most parents have a feeling that these assumptions are missing something. But perhaps many don’t know that brain growth is enormous during the first year, and they can make a huge difference in their child’s development.Here’s why.

Research shows that the sooner a baby receives stimulation (movement, experiences, books, words, etc), the sooner baby develops in any area including physical movement, intelligence, language, spirituality, and more. During that first year of life, the brain develops and grows faster than at any other time. So infancy is a unique window of opportunity for both baby and parent.

This means that babies crave input, and LOTS of it.

Articles at Mass provides a great way to give a baby input on the Catholic Mass. It gives names and shows images of items normally seen in church, to help a child begin to understand Holy Mass and form a foundation for their Catholic Faith.

We encourage you to get a copy today. Read it to young children at home outside of Mass. Let your baby take the book to Mass. Point out the items as you see them during Mass.

Help the babies in your life get grounded in Catholicism from the very beginning and develop their spirituality as well as their rapidly developing brains at the same time.

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