Books for Adults

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I’ve written two books for adults that you’ll enjoy.

Rose Colored Glasses (AKA My Blindy Girl)- A memoir

The true story of how raising my fourth child, who has a visual disability called achromatopsia, changed me and our whole family.To read more about this book, please click here. Rose Colored Glasses – How to swallow pride without choking and other motherly tasks.

Toxic – a novel of suspense

This is the story of a young, single mother who experiences a major head injury at work. She regains her short term memory six months later to discover she’s married to a creepy older man who controls her every move. She has lost her job, and lives in the country, far from everyone and everything she has known. It’s a story of control, of fear, and how trust in God helps her through.

Toxic – a novel – Suspense


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